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Yet another disappointing tale of Thai Airways in-flight services. I was on board on 18th September 2015, flight TG629 from Hong Kong to Bangkok.

This really came as a shocker when the crew did not serve the food to me even after taking my meal order and asking my preferable option. I waited for almost 25 minutes whereas all other fellow passengers almost finished their meals. And then all of a sudden I was told that my preferred option (Chicken with Fried Rice) was finished and I should take Pork. When I told them that I don't eat pork and that I placed my order at least 30 minutes before, they lied to me and told me that there were few chicken meals and got finished whereas it was served to most of the fellow passengers even after I placed the order.

My plate remained empty and I was made to see others having their food as if it was my punishment. I was watching and others were enjoying their meals. Pissed off, when I threatened the crew about complaining the whole matter to Thai Head Office and asked for complaint form, then suddenly within 5 minutes, I was offered the same meal (Chicken with Fired Rice), which they told me was finished. .

. This was the height of manipulation and unprofessional behavior. This was not expected from a Premium Flight like Thai. Now I have decided that I will never fly with Thai Airways again.

I bought the ticket in extra and expensive amount because of the good reputation that the Thai has created over the time but to my great disappointment, I had an absolutely embarrassing, filthy, painfully unforgettable and unhappy experience. I will not recommend anyone to fly with Thai Airways ever. .

. .

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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You are lucky they did not stop the flight and throw you off with the temper tantrum you were throwing. Why did your parents not correct your behavior, or were you an unaccompanied minor?

to KevinRichards Nuremberg, Bavaria, Germany #1045820

Mr. Kevin, you mean to say that it was right and professional on their part to tell lies to me and serving same food to all others but me.

Later when asked for complaint form they presented the same meal which they claimed was finished. . . If you feel taking a stand for one's rights is throwing tantrums, I doubt, what kind of upbringing did your parents gave you?

? ?


to KevinRichards Nuremberg, Bavaria, Germany #1045821

may be kevin himself was an unaccompanied minor and still is an unaccompanied adult. loooooooooooserrrrrrr

to ak #1046874

Did you just comment twice under two different names to try to win a fight against this guy?

to Nate #1047167

It happens all the time on this site. Anyways the OP is immature and childish.

Look at her title, it says that no food was served on the flight, then it says that only pork was left. I have a feeling that this person changed her mind and was trying to use "religion" as an excuse to be able to change her mind, or maybe the greedy pig wanted two meals. I think she is the one lying and not thai airlines.

No food means no food period, not no food that she supposedly ordered. But posting under different usernames happens often on this site, so do posting childish and immature comments, and then claiming you were hacked, that happens as well.


I understand. But...

Your a brave person.

I wouldn't trust ANY person preparing my food after a complaint about their service! Have you ever watched 'Kitchen Nightmares'!

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