I am a regular traveller to Thailand and have visiting there for many years for golfing and as a tourist. We usually travel as a group and did plan a trip in January to Pattaya.

After our golfing holiday, I travelled to Phuket by TG221 on January 27, 2013. I carried by luggage and golf set with me from Bangkok to Phuket. I did not face any problems at Suvarnabhumi Airport with regards to my golf set as the Thai office in Karachi had given written instructions that golf set upto 15 kgs is allowed to be carried free of charge in addition to the 20 kgs baggage allowance. However while checking in at Phuket Airport on Jan 31 for my flight to Karachi via TG202 connecting to TG507 to Karachi, the person at the check in counter at Phuket refused to entertain the free allowance of my golf kit.

As my golf kit weighed 12 kgs, she insisted that I would have to pay US$300 at the rate of US$25 per kg excess baggage. I refused to pay this amount and showed her the written permission given by Thai Airways in Karachi permitting me to carry golf set upto 15 kgs free of charge. I then refused to carry my golf set along with me and asked to keep it and I will have the matter sorted out when I return to Karachi. She refused to do even that.

A supervisor was called in who after a long discussion said that he would charge me for 6 kgs. He claimed that he was doing this a ‘special favour’.

While we have never had problems relating to carriage of golf sets at Suvarnabhumi, Chiang Mai or Chaing Rai, this is the second time I have faced this problem at Phuket airport.As other passengers were waiting in line to check in, I did not want to hold up them up and reluctantly agreed to pay US$ 150 vide a document number 217 4707340543 dated January 31. As I had been given instructions in writing that golf set upto 15 kgs is permitted to be carried free of charge, I now demand that the amount of US$ 150 be refunded to me.Thanking youSincerelySherjan TajikTicket Number: ETKT 217 2438387455Email: sjtajik@hotmail.com

Review about: Thai Airways Flight.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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